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Movie Poster

The other day I watched the movie DIANA based on the last few years of the princess’s life. The movie actually surprised me quite a bit as I really did not know much about this individual.

Even though, I was pretty young when the princess died, I still remember hearing the news one summer night of her death and watching some of the subsequent news footage and funeral coverage later on. The internet was still not all that mainstream back then and Google did not yet exist. If someone so high profile were to die now, I am sure many of us would read about them on a wiki page. This was not the case then and I never read any books or tabloids or internet articles so I never expected the film to be a lot about a relationship with a Pakistani doctor. Interesting.

I am sure there were lots of ‘artistic liberties’ taken, however. Who can even guess at the truth. It would have been nice for more focus to take place on some of the humanitarian activities and the bigger picture rather than the complicated relationship. The film also really humanized her-made her a normal woman with jealousy, weaknesses, etc rather than the perfection that seems to be left behind now. It would have been interesting to see how different perceptions would be of her these days if she did convert to Islam, marry the doctor, and move to Pakistan to be a housewife. I guess we will never know.


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  1. I watched this film on the plane on the way to Mexico at Christmas, it was a nice change for what I usually watch to be honest (Bridesmaides, We are the Millers). I enjoyed the film but was surprised about the content. I remember the morning it happened, there was wall-to-wall coverage of the tunnel in Paris on every channel (well, all four in those days!). My Dad took me to the Cathedral in town which was knee-deep in flowers the whole of the square.
    I enjoyed the film, it made me more sympathetic towards her actually. At the time I was young so still impressionable by what my parents believed, and they believed all the news-coverage and sobbing public to be hype and over-the-top. I agree she was portrayed as a real woman with insecurities and jealousies. From the film it was clear that she felt rejected by Charles but then she was calling the tabloids to get them to take photos of her with other men. I did make her into a real woman rather than the idolised view we have of her in the mainstream media.

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