Working to live…


I met up with an old friend for lunch this past weekend. We used to often have long leisurely chats over a meal and dessert about everything under the sun. Now it seems we never have enough time to meet and when we do it is rushed and filled with way too much to catch up on. Despite this, it was great to see her and listen to her plans and goals. It always makes me also reflect on my own. One thing I determined, through our conversation as well as after my trip to Mexico, is that I want to do a better job of maintaining work-life balance.

It is not that I do not love my job or enjoy doing it, it is just that I am a bit too caught up in it and not making as much time for other things. There are so many things to enjoy and I really need to make time to focus on them. After all, I should be working to live not living to work no matter how important it is for me to enjoy my job and obtain fulfillment out of it. So, in the next while, I will be wrapping up a few things and then start looking for more fun!


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