Back to reality…

Snapshot-the beach and ocean in the distance.

Snapshot-the beach and ocean in the distance.

Vacation is over and back to reality; I want to go back on vacation! As you may have guessed, our vacation was wonderful. I could have easily stayed much much much longer but the others in the group thought a week was perfect for them (and none of us had a choice since the travel company controls all of that). In that week we had plenty of time to relax but also did fun things such as swimming in the ocean (my favourite!) and pool, sea-dooing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and my husband even took a scuba diving lesson. The weather on the west coast was much better than the east coast this particular week so it worked out well for us. The area we went to (due to the last minute changes and the last minute addition of guests) was a popular area in the 1970’s so was quiet but still nice for us. The town had a few international markets (not just full of junk for tourists) and some nice places to shop. It also really got busy with local families due a Mexican long weekend a few nights, however, but it was a nice change of pace.

Private beach-groomed for the day.

Private beach-groomed for the day.

It was wonderful to get away to a warm and lovely place considering how horrible the weather has been around here. The people were warm and friendly and I thought I did a great job with my Spanish-picked up lots of new things as well. I tend to learn a lot from watching and hearing others communicate with each other so it was great to listen in on locals chatting. I could easily live in Mexico for a year or so if I was qualified for some kind of work there (or if I had enough money to be a lady of leisure!). There were lots of Canadians & Americans with second homes (they all seemed retired, though). I can definitely see the appeal.

The resort we stayed at was a bit boring but also very beautiful (it was very old but well kept). They also made a nice effort to make my husband’s birthday special which was nice. However, the best gift of all was the whole experience in itself-a week of taking it easy (and lots of growth and adventure) in a special country. I would love to go again!


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