February 2014: Things to look forward to


February is here and I have prepared my February things to look forward to post. Other than the first week or so, January was pretty great. Knowing I will be heading off on a vacation helped make things manageable as well-which inspires me to keep up the things to look forward to posts. It also helped that things were not slow but fast and fabulous like I like them.

So, what is there to look forward to after the vacation? Well, of course, February is Valentine’s month. We have not made a big deal out of the day but do like to do something to mark the day. The first Valentine’s Day my husband and I had together was quite special. I made homemade gnocchi and garlic bread-and cupcakes for dessert. This was in Georgia and the first time my husband had tasted such food. He brought a bottle of Bagrationi sparkling wine, chocolate, and a long stemmed red rose. Anyways, the day is always something to look forward to.

February is also birthday month for my husband!

Next, is at least one long weekend in the month. I have a shorter work week which is always nice but my husband prefers to work and get paid extra. Either way, it is something to look forward to since there may not be anymore for awhile.

Another thing to look forward to is paying down some debt. Since we had to fork out quite a bit of cash to send the family back in my husband’s country a car and gifts, we had to borrow a few small amounts to help and cover other expenses. One of these debts was paid off unexpectedly early in January and two left to go! We hope to get this done in February and relax again!

The good news is that debt allowed us to send the gifts to Georgia earlier than expected. The family should be getting the gift this month. It will be fun to see their reactions and I am sure they will be thrilled with all the goodies. It will make taking on the debt and finally paying it off worth it.

Also, a short month means spring will come faster! I really have not been a fan of the weather in January this year. It has been bitingly cold and the sun seems far far away.

I also expect some exciting things to happen at work and look forward to making them happen and seeing how plans unfold.

Not expecting much else for the month but the above seems like more than enough for me!


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