Vacation hijacked!


My vacation has been hijacked! Just this week, as I have been busily wrapping up work projects in anticipation of enjoying a sunshine filled holiday in Mexico, a few family members (including my mother!) have turned up begging to tag along on our vacation. I have always believed in the more the merrier philosophy so was more than happy to allow anyone to come along. It would be nice if it is not last minute, though! Once I connected with the travel agent I learned there is no room in the hotel we had booked. I had really really wanted to stay in this particular hotel as it sounded like it was just my style.

The agent looked into various resorts and after a day or two of going back and forth, I had to turn the whole vacation upside down and inside out. Now, instead of the lovely east coast of Mexico and my preferred (and much more expensive resort), we will be going to the west coast. I really hoped to enjoy the white sand beaches and crystal clear water but it would have been at the expense of the family members being able to come along (unless they wanted to pay sky high fees). So, now, instead of heading to a isolated beach focused resort, we are heading to a resort on the west coast with a much less nice beach. The plus side is that it is closer to towns and cities that can be explored. This is probably more my style in general but I have to say I was looking forward to my husband enjoying the Caribbean coast. I guess that will have to be another time.

The other nice thing is that this will be a nice experience for my mother who never goes on vacation unless one of her children accompanies her. My husband and I are covering her fees as we really do not have many opportunities to treat her out in this way. It will be nice to have some special memories, especially as I realize how much older we are all getting. Anyways, the best news is that I AM STILL GOING and there are no complete cancellations. Life has really been a roller-coaster the last few years and I am getting better and better at just rolling with the punches, so to speak.

I also just looked at the weather in both areas and it is all rain on the east coast and all sun on the west coast for the next week-perhaps everything is working out for the best after all.


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