High on work!


Work has been a flurry of activity for the last while…and I am loving it! I come to realize more and more that I really do thrive in a busy environment with many things going on and lots of variety. I currently have my hand in three different departments that focus on different things and I find it gives me a lot of energy, motivation, and inspires creativity.

A Thousand Ships...

A Thousand Ships…

In the last while, I have been doing everything from report writing, applying for new projects and funding, hiring and letting go of staff, evaluating projects, and working on one of my favourite types of tasks of all time-the development and launching of something brand new. I love all the different things involved from the start to the end. I am now at the point where staff need to be hired and a marketing plan developed.. Very exciting! I then love to watch the project unfurl and the goal met. In this case, it will be a financial goal needing to be met. Finally, I also love to review and make everything more efficient-or just the best version of it possible-and then I lose interest!  🙂

My horoscope once said something like: You will launch a thousand ships but let someone else worry about steering them after a few maiden voyages. This resonated with me so much it still pops up in my head once in awhile.


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