A few weeks until sunshine…


I am anxiously waiting to hear from my travel agent, who is on holiday until Monday, as we are going on our vacation soon. I had made reservations but have not had a confirmation as I had to send in my gift card by post and then the agent went on vacation! I have never really dealt with a travel agent before as all my trips I have planned myself (and all of them were adventurous independent ones to fabulous places!). In this case, since we won this trip from a package vacation company, we have to work with what they have available and their systems. It ties us down to one area (and one week) in Mexico with day trips but it is free so I cannot complain. I doubt I am an all-inclusive resort type of person but we will see as it is my first one.

The beach I plan to relax on in 2 weeks!

The beach I plan to relax on in 2 weeks!

As of today, there are only 3 weeks left! Am counting down the days and looking forward to the fun. I am especially excited for my husband who has no idea what to expect (and thus is not excited like I am) but am sure he will be impressed as he seems like he is an all inclusive resort type of person. He loved rolling out of bed when we were in Turkey and enjoying a ready-made breakfast then going back to bed. Of course, we would only spend a few days in each place and then move on again which is different from the all inclusive. The only problem is that he is also a winter person who loves snow and cold climates-but, he has also not experienced a white sand beach (other than the Red Sea in Egypt-but it was quite chilly, windy, and deserted when we were there!). Since this vacation is only a week, am thinking we will go on a wintry vacation next (for his benefit).

But, back to the excitement of this upcoming trip! I have made some effort to learn a bit more Spanish. Basic phrases are always a help and I will keep working on them. Also, our Mexico Money jar already has 140$ in it from just a short while ago when I revived it! A nice little spending bonus for us while we are there.  For now, as it rains cats and dogs outside and workdays seem extra stressful, will dream of the sunshine and count down the days.


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