Dim sum, growth, & tolerance…


2009-07-15-proper-chinese-takeout-orderingThe other day we were invited out to join friends for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Chinese food is not my favourite food to eat out as most people want to order the meat dishes for the table and I am a vegetarian. However, I always want my immigrant husband to try everything new as many things were not available to him back home when he lived there. (The situation is changing, however.) Dining in Chinese restaurants for the first time is also quite fun-the tea, the lazy Susan, and the communal eating are enjoyable experiences. Once we joined our friends, heaps of different meat dishes were ordered for the table. I had to order a separate dish for myself which was not that great but I expected this. For me, it is better to go with other vegetarians or have such food at a private home.

2007-04-06-suspicious-chinese-restaurantAnyway, as I mentioned last year in this post, we have a sizable Chinese population in the area. This population is growing in Georgia and there is still quite a bit of racism. Trying (and liking!) food from different cultures is an easy first step towards building tolerance towards misunderstood others. I am hoping all the new experiences my husband has here will help him better understand different groups and share this knowledge with those back home. Not that he is one of the Georgians I met who really needed a lot of work in this department but am sure he knows others who are. In the last few years, I have been very pleased with his outrage at the treatment of minorities and how he would rant about it to his family and friends on Skype. They were surprised at the changes in him (and some of the growing up he has done). Traveling and living abroad definitely helps broaden one’s perspective and I am glad to see this occurring with my husband.

Well, now that it is January, Lunar New Year will be coming up on January 31st. Last year we watched a lion dance but doubt we will be celebrating this year…as we will be in Mexico! Am hoping this year of the horse will be better than last year (year of the snake)-we will see!


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