January 2014: Things to look forward to…


Happy New Year! 2014 came very quickly but the last few weeks of holiday time have felt like they dragged on forever. Perhaps this was because this time around, the holidays were not the most exciting time for me. Anyway, glad to be getting back to real life!

Recently, I changed and updated my list to ensure that each month I have things to look forward to. So, on this first day of the year and month, I am going to look forward to the following items that will take place within 31 days!

  • De-cluttering! This first month of the year I am going to do a major clean up and de-clutter. I always find it very freeing.
  • Back to work-full speed. Work during December (especially the last 2 weeks) is somewhat painful. I enjoy a fast paced and busy environment and do not do well with clock watching. Am looking forward to a busy few weeks and work days that zoom by rather than drag on…and then taking vacation just 3 weeks later!
  • Preparation for my 3 month lifestyle change. One item on my list is to lose 12 lbs this year. Now that only six months are left before time is up, and I have not lost the entire amount, I will need to crack down starting February 15 for exactly 3 months. Before this date comes, I need to get mentally prepared, increase my physical activity, and slowly start changing my habits and diet. This will start this month!
  • Vacation, of course! This month we are off to a resort near the Mayan Riviera. This means about 25% of the month will be straight relaxing! This makes one of the worst months of the year a whole lot more tolerable.
  • Bringing the Mexican Coin Jar back to life! As you may know from prior posts, we had started to use an electronic coin jar I bought my husband last Christmas to save some extra cash for our trip. Well, 25 more days to see what we can come up with and then it can finally be used for something else. It is fun to see how much one can save in a short time.

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    • Great post! I especially liked the tip about all the EXCUSE MEs 🙂 That will come in handy. Would love to read more about your trip. Will be sure to follow your blog.

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