Homemade pizza-the solution to all problems…


The last couple days have not been so good. Everything seems to be going wrong and everyone seems to be on the warpath! I have had several surprise disagreements with family members looking for confrontations in the last few days which have lead to a lot of unnecessary stress! The one good thing is that my husband felt bad after our disagreement and made it up to me by cleaning my car-inside and out! If only the others would follow his lead! 

Another positive is that my relationship with my ‘evil sister’ has somewhat improved in the last few days as we have finally had a decent conversation. Nothing has been resolved but she admits she has not followed up after her poor behaviour because she did not want to cause further damage and she has been reflecting on things and realizes she needs to deal with the issues that cause her to lash out at family members. Progress, I guess. I hope once she deals with her issues we can work on our relationship-but not until she takes care of herself or we will remain in a vicious cycle. 

Anyways, even though all the issues and arguments over the last few days are done with and were not even that serious, they have left an icky residue. This coating has left me feeling down and a bit off since yesterday. I can only hope tomorrow will be better-the last day of work before 3 days off for Christmas! Unfortunately, I will have to get back to work on the 27th (but only for the day as the weekend follows!). 

To improve my mood today rather than waiting for time to heal all, I decided to do two things: 1) make some homemade pizza 2). bake a cake or cupcakes to take in to work tomorrow as there will be a skeleton crew on site due to most people taking a day off to extend their Christmas holidays. Nothing like some good comfort food (from scratch) to distract! For the pizza, I threw the ingredients for the dough in the bread maker this morning to prepare some delicious dough and cut up some veggies, grated the cheese, as well as sliced up some bocconcini to add to the deliciousness. A sprinkle of basil and oregano was the final touch along with a tall ice cold Coke Zero. Pizza is currently in the oven and will be ready soon. Since my husband went in on call to work today, I will enjoy my meal alone along with an episode or two of Scandal. Not my favourite show but I just started watching season one on a whim a few days ago due to a recommendation. Hopefully the main character relaxes a bit-her acting is a bit intense at times! 

After dinner, I will start with the baking. I am thinking red velvet cupcakes! 


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