¿Hablas español?


Okay, so my list has the item learn a bit of Spanish or French on it. I currently use 3 language on a daily basis and neither of these are Spanish or French. Now that I know I will be off to Mexico in 39 days, it seems best to brush up on Spanish rather than French. In school, I had no choice but to learn French as it was the only language we had available in our advanced international program. Spanish, German, and others were not open to those in the program although they were available at the school. By the time school wrapped up, my French was pretty decent after all (especially since I can pronounce things well which gives one some legitimacy!) but since then…more than a decade later…and not needing to use it other than in St. Barths, it has more or less dropped down to a sad level. I wish I had taken it more seriously even in school but like most 17 year olds I didn’t care about anything or the future back then! Silly me, to imagine the doors I would have open right now if I had this language under my belt. Oh well!

holaBonjourHelloAnyways, when I put the language item on my list I did not dare to write to learn Spanish or French entirely as that takes years (or full immersion somewhere fabulous!) but just wanted to learn a bit. Knowing even a small but decent amount can be such a help down the road. Like I said, I was a silly girl and didn’t care about things at 17 but later in life I have realized I love languages! I also realized I am fairly quick at picking them up compared to some others…or the truth may be I am a better communicator than those others and understand and make myself understood better rather than actually speaking correctly… Well, there goes that pat on the back! But, the point is that having a decent vocabulary helps a lot and is a great base to build on.

The resort we have chosen in Mexico from our free package vacation company is full of reviews by Americans swearing they will never return and upset that the staff are not able to speak English-nor do most of the guests since they tend to come from Spain, France, Russia, Italy, and South America. The reviews go on about not getting good service due to language barriers and rude guests who do not socialize! I just loved it-sounds like our kind of place! Time to learn what I can since it seems as if I will be able to use it very soon. I have 39 days! Of course, I am not starting with a complete blank slate. I managed to get all around Costa Rica with my basic Spanish with no problem at all. In fact, just like in St. Barths with my family and French, I was always the one to communicate for the group anytime the need arose in Costa Rica as well. It was fun and another round will be great-am looking forward to it.


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