Christmas…or not?


December is here and normally we all start thinking about planning for Christmas. How can one not in this society where we are constantly bombarded with reminders? Ha ha ha…no, this post will not be an anti-Christmas rant in any way. I rather like Christmas most of the time but this year the celebrations may be greatly affected by lack of participants! Many members of my family are flying off here or there to join other family or are just finally fitting in a holiday before the end of the year. Thus, our Christmas may be greatly scaled down this year-or perhaps even skipped for the most part (something that has never happened before).

It is already midway through the month and I have not even thought about a tree, lights, decorations, gifts, etc etc. Usually most of this takes place at my parent’s home but they may be away as well. Thus, I may need to get started immediately on my own holiday planning-or decide on a quiet time at home as we will have the days off regardless. Gift giving is increasingly tough as everyone in the family seems to have everything! I suppose the first thing to do is to decide…shall we celebrate Christmas this year..or not? And how! And with whom… if anyone is around, that is!


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