Back on track…


Viva Mexico!

Cabo... not where I am going but lots of beautiful beaches in Mexico!

Beautiful beaches!

Nothing better get in the way of my vacation this time around! I have been determined to get back on track with arranging my postponed Mexican vacation ever since December hit. Already I have the time off approved and my husband’s request has been sent in (with 99% chance of approval as well).

Historic sites & culture to explore!

Historic sites & culture!

I have left a message for the travel agent and expect to speak with her tomorrow to hold the date for us: January 26th! One week of straight relaxing is just what I need-with some adventure sprinkled in! I can hardly wait. The timing will actually be perfect as we can celebrate my husband’s birthday during this time as well. I cannot think of any better way to celebrate locally.

Mexican food has always been one of my favourites!

Mexican food has always been one of my favourites!

The exact hotel that I have had my eye one is also available as of today according to the website. It better not disappear tomorrow or I will start to think there is a hex on my vacation plans!

I won the trip almost a year ago and have been desperate to go but things kept coming up and delaying the trip. Now, as I said, nothing better get in the way as I will soon be counting down the days…and probably be shopping for beach wear on Boxing Day! Am adding Mexican inspired photos to get in the mood!

Music, dance, & relaxing!

Music, dance, & relaxing!

Shopping for ceramics & more...

Shopping for ceramics & more…


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  1. You must be so excited! It’s amazing that you won the trip too, I bet that takes some of the stress out of planning too. I’m going to Mexico in one week and I love it every time I go. We’re going to Mexico City, then Queretaro then to Guadalajara and back to Mexico City. Just remember to carry some small change to pay for toilet paper.

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