Lighten up, Grinch!


the-office-christmas-partyI skipped out on my work Christmas party this year. I just could not bear the thought of going to a weekday sit down dinner of 75 or more-plus spouses. After all, the only people you can hear are the ones on either side of you and the three across from you (if you speak loudly)-and you better hope they are the ones you want to talk to and not the ones you try to avoid during the week! Ha ha ha. Other unappealing factors included fixed menus, a restaurant in a bad location with little or no parking, and no other activities planned other than the dinner itself to motivate attendance. Less than a third of employees tend to attend each year. Hmmm…I wonder why. Hopefully, I will be able to suggest some alternatives to the management when it comes to planning for next year. An employee based planning committee is the way to go, in my opinion, rather than a senior manager throwing it together off the side of their desk.

My husband’s Christmas party soon followed and I had to tell myself to LIGHTEN UP several times as the night approached. After all, it was his very first work Christmas party ever!!! (they do not do this in his home country and last year he was unemployed during December). I made the effort not to be a Grinch and made sure to get all dressed up-make up, hair, jewellery, perfume and all! It turned out to be a fun night. His work did a great job and it was a pleasant evening. Not only did they have a buffet dinner (so you can choose what you want and, yes, there were vegetarian options!), but they had professional entertainment, games & awards, a photo booth, and gifts for all! It was nice. Another great bonus was that they hosted the party at a casino so afterwards the gambling made it feel like a night out rather than an obligatory event. Unfortunately we did not win big but it was still fun-even though I rather dreaded it at first. Lesson learnt? Not to be a Grinch and go with the flow…one may even have some fun!


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