International shipping…in a real ship!


Finally, I can sit back and relax! The last few weeks my husband and I have been consumed with shopping on our days off! As you know from prior posts, I hate shopping! However, I do not mind shopping for others. In fact, it can be pretty great.

My husband arrived in this country almost two years ago and has not had an opportunity to go home for a visit yet. Despite sending funds back to his family to help out a little bit, we both really wanted to send some personal presents for the last while. Mailing costs are a nightmare and the postal system is a bit questionable so we always held off. A while back, the family lost their car in an accident so we decided we would send a new car over as it is common for people from Georgia to import cars from North America. They tend to be cheaper and better quality than buying locally at times.

So, we searched for a car for a few weeks and bought an SUV. We asked the shipping company all kinds of logistics questions as we had no experience with exporting-including whether or not we could send along some gifts in the car. They assured us it would not be a problem so we decided to take advantage of the situation (and get the most out of our money as shipping is not cheap-but not as bad as I thought, either!). Thus, the shopping spree began!

Since winter is coming, we decided to shop smart and first send along sensible winter clothing. We purchased winter jackets and sweaters and warm boots. We also picked up some personal items such as hats for my father in law, long dark coloured skirts for my mother in law, and fleece vests for grandpa among other things for other family members.  It took a few of our days off to collect all the extra items we wanted from can openers, toys, warm blankets, to spare tires for the car. By the time we were done we had spent a lot of money but we knew it would be worth it!

The other day, we loaded everything up in the car and drove it down to the location of the shipping company-a few hours away. There are closer ports to us but we knew this company had experience shipping to this region so chose it. The process was not that difficult-a few forms, proof of ownership, payment, and we were done within half an hour! Now, our precious cargo is in the hands (or rather container!) of this company. Once the rest of the container is full it will move off into the ocean and should take about 40 days to arrive-sometime in the New Year. The family is eagerly anticipating the arrival of the container and all the fabulous gifts! I hope it will be as smooth on their end as it was ours!


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    • Really? Must be interesting (especially seeing what kinds of things are shipped abroad, eg crates of vodka in the container next to ours!). A whole new world for me. Very interesting and depending on how this time goes, perhaps inspiration for potential business and charitable ventures!!!

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