Best Exotic Marigold Hotel…


I just finished watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the Elderly & Beautiful. Sigh….It is a lovely British movie that takes place in Jaipur, India. India is a maddening and chaotic place, of course, and I do not think I could live there long term without going insane or living partially in an ignorant bubble of my own creation but films like this sure inspire all kinds of romantic ideas. Who doesn’t like those? I love films that do a good job in transporting one to distant places or times. This film was successful. The main characters of the film are British pensioners who move to this Indian hotel for various personal reasons. The film follows them along with the young Indian manager of the hotel and his struggles with his mother, girlfriend, job, and life. The movie is not the best movie in the world (and is quite predictable) but definitely sweet, well done, and worth the watch-especially if you have been to India or wish to go there! Below is the trailer. Enjoy!


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