Moustache month is ending…

Not sure who came up with this-but there you go!

Not sure who came up with this-but there you go!

Thank goodness November & Movember are over after today! November is usually a bad month for me as I have mentioned in earlier posts but this year was not too bad as I was busy with other things. However, my husband’s work encouraged their mostly male workforce to participate in Movember which my husband was more than happy to do. The result? A pretty decent moustache-which was not so bad the first two weeks but not so pleasant these last two weeks. Luckily, the shaving will take place today or tomorrow at the latest. I am thrilled! But, congratulations to all who participated and raised money for this cause.

I did a quick Google search and it looks like the concept started in Australia in 2004 but has now spread to various countries. Other interesting facts are that Canadians tend to raise the most money for the campaign, there are awards called The Moscars related to the initiative, and that there are even ambassadors. This charity and campaign strategy has definitely taken off. I am trying to come up with some small scale fundraising ideas at work for an initiative I have in mind for next year and it is always interesting to see what elements appeal to the public. However, I also know, through past work experience, that people tend to prefer to give to health related causes, religious causes, and children’s initiatives first so I will have an uphill battle! Anyway, the point of the post was to say goodbye November and bring on December!


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