November blues…


What can I say? I love September and October only to crash in November. Each year I suffer from the November blues (January and February are pretty nasty too!). The crash is not horrible but just not pleasant. Clearly I suffer a bit from seasonal affective disorder. As far back as I can remember, I tend to get moody and miserable this month-not enough for treatments like light therapy or anti-depressants but I definitely notice the change in me.

This November is already half over and has not been so bad (perhaps because of all the distractions like my parent’s illness, my sister and her kids visiting due to the ill parent, a crazy schedule at work, and Diwali!). Now, I just have about half the month to go but already feel the more irritable me stirring! My plan to deal with it includes booking at least one vacation day each week to take it slower and take better care of myself as I mentioned in a previous post. My duties and some special events at work will also help the month fly by and turn into December which is full of holiday cheer and beats away these blues until January. The most important thing is to remind myself it is okay and to be self aware so I do not get lost or delve deeper. I plan to see one of my best gal pals this weekend as well. Nothing like a good chat with her to help keep everything in perspective.


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