Diwali 2013…

Goddess Lakshmi-Please Visit Our Home!

Goddess Lakshmi-Please Visit Our Home!

Happy Diwali all! You may remember this special holiday from my post last year: Celebrating the Triumph of Good Over Evil! This year we are celebrating at my parent’s home. I helped clean up over the last few days and yesterday spent a considerable amount of time stringing up Diwali lights to display tonight (and taking down the Halloween decorations!) I also went out of my way to purchase a few special diyas of my own. I think every year I will add a new fancy batch until I have plenty of my own. I do want to put more emphasis on this holiday as I get older and for when I have my own multicultural family. It is such an important part of my heritage and I do not want to lose touch with it-which is the danger as my parents get older and my siblings more distant.

I had planned to pick up a few special gifts for my siblings but due to car issues I was not able to. Next year I will have to plan further ahead. Life has been a bit hectic since Halloween was just a few nights ago. It was a fun night, by the way. We had quite a few trick r treaters-again at my parent’s house since we live in the country.  Anyways, the house is not only still full of Halloween treats but also many Diwali sweets! I will have to start working on my 12lbs weight loss (as per my list of to-dos) next week!.

Tonight, when we have family coming to visit, nice food to share, lamps to light, electric lights shining, and even firecrackers exploding, I will thank the goddess Lakshmi for granting my wishes last year as I truly learned a little bit  to let more light in to my life and stop worrying about all the things I cannot control. I hope Lakshmi will visit again and bless my family. We have had some hard times and are ready for a fresh and blessed start! Happy Diwali to all!


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