The evil sister has arisen again…

More than crazy...try EVIL!

More than crazy…try EVIL!

Every family has one and we have had enough of ours! What, you ask? The crazy family member! In my case, it is a psycho sister. I have ranted about her in the past in the post called Someone Else’s Shoes. Well, she has been on the rampage the last few weeks and the result is that all my other siblings and I are no longer willing to put up with her. Usually her wrath is only directed at one of us and we all feel sorry for the person in question as we know how frustrating it is to have an argument with someone who is, in short, completely mad-and vicious. Anyone with even a bit of sense knows that some things are off limits. Well, there are no boundaries for this gal! She will cut you to pieces. This time around, she managed to single each of us out in the last two weeks and attack us in such a terrible way that we all swore her off one by one. Even my sister in Florida was attacked…by phone and email!

I hear this!

I hear this!

We now choose to speak to her the absolute minimum-if even that. Sad, isn’t it? Despite all the hell she has put me through in years past, I never stopped speaking to her. I always felt she was my sister and I must work it out. I know a family in which the sisters have not spoken since they were 14. I always thought this was crazy but now I get it. I am at the point where I am done making the effort and trying to work through things with her as she really needs to realize she went too far these last few weeks and it is not appropriate. She usually has all kinds of excuses  or will argue and twist things around on others but I realize her behaviour has been like this all my life and her excuses do not make sense. Her issues are deep seated and she needs to get professional help and possibly be medicated (she was seeing a therapist but either they are terrible at their job or she is telling them a pack of lies and not sharing the real issues).

Some evil sister humour!

Some evil sister humour!

She manages to ruin every family gathering…for no reason at all. She knows how to hurt each of us and does not hold back. It is really disgusting to hear her, a grown woman, swear like a sailor at her family members. These are the people, the only people, who have put up with her this long. She erupts in rage and I feel quite sorry for her when I step back from the situation. She has no reason to be so angry in life and is full of darkness at quite a young age. I hope she gets help but I am done trying to provide it-and I am done being her punching bag every time she is in a bad mood. She is a grown woman and responsible for herself. None of us do anything for her to react in such ways to us and none of us want to be randomly attacked. The other day I just walked in the door and a barrage of insults and swears were thrown at me. If she wants to run around abusing people…and waiters!…then she will have to face the consequences at some point-starting with this ex-communication.

I suppose she already is facing them as she cannot seem to maintain one close friend for more than two years-once they get to know her, they run! She was even a nightmare during her wedding and lost all the friends that attended by the end of the wedding festivities!!!! It was more than a case of bride-zilla! It is a shame but I am not getting sucked into her vortex of darkness and have decided to opt out of her drama. My plan is to keep ignoring her existence when she is around. Luckily, I only come across her at my parent’s home or family events.

Well, this post is to celebrate liberation! I am liberating myself from the drama and moving forward. If others want to dwell in darkness, so be it-but they will be alone.


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