Halloween is coming…get into the spirit!

pumpkin from the past

Jack o Lantern from my past. Not too shabby!

Halloween is coming! In just a handful of short days, my favourite holiday of the year will be here. This past weekend I already started on decorating the house with ghosts, goblins, & monsters! Since we live in the country, we will not likely have any trick or treaters but it is still nice to get into a festive spirit.

We also did a bit of shopping and finally picked out our costumes. In past years I have been everything from a witch, a princess, a dead historical figure, a vampire, to the ice queen. This year, however, my husband will be a soldier and I will be a fortune teller. For inspiration, we first got into the Halloween spirit by also visiting a local haunted mini-train. The train makes a loop around the park which is decorated for Halloween. Various scary characters jump out and try to terrify you! There are also spooky displays, lights, fog & mist, and music to help create the perfect ambiance. It was great fun and is one of my favourite October traditions. Next up? Pumpkin shopping & jack’o’lantern carving!

Want to get into the Halloween spirit? Here are a few great movies (not horror movies but just take place during Halloween) to get you in the mood. Enjoy!

Trick ‘r Treat-This movie will definitely get you in the Halloween mood! Probably not the best movie in terms of plot etc but really brings Halloween to life!

Hotel Transylvania-This cute movie is animated and includes monsters celebrating Halloween.

Halloweentown-A bit cheesy (it is Disney, after all) but a fun movie. There are also a few sequels, I think!


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