New baby…no, not mine!


babyAs you know from my Baby Showers Make Me Dour post, I had a friend who was expecting her first child. Well, the little one had made their debut and is now part of the family! My husband and I purchased the obligatory flowers and baby balloons and made our way over for a visit. The family looked thrilled-a bit exhausted-and very happy. New baby is tiny and cute and probably going to be sleeping most of the time for the next few months. We took turns holding the baby and oohed and ahhed appropriately.

Congratulations to the happy parents! Their life is now forever changed. A change such as this, is one I never could have imagined for myself in the past. Now, however, I definitely expect to start a family in the next few years. No need to start thinking of baby names yet, though-as we are in no rush. It will definitely bring a lot of joy to my family members, however, who have been hoping for a baby ever since my sister, her husband, and their children moved to Florida. Much more fun to have the kids around locally to play with! I guess we will see what the next few years bring.


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