A housewife Saturday…


So today is Saturday-the weekend at last! I should be relaxing and making exciting plans so I can de-stress from my full time job. I should be a lady of leisure today but just look at my to-do list for the day:

  • Clean the house
  • Grocery shopping
  • Visit the library to return books
  • Make banana bread
  • Do the laundry
  • Take the husband lunch at work

vintage_housewife_cookBecause I am so busy at work during the weekdays, such tasks get pushed to the weekend and I sometimes become a Saturday housewife-other Saturdays I work from home or really relax like a lady of leisure. My husband works on Saturdays (hence taking him lunch as I was too lazy to make anything last night) and this past week has been putting in heaps of extra hours so our house is especially disastrous today as he usually does tend to help during the week but did not this week. Not my ideal Saturday but what can you do?

Recently, a co-worker of mine was saying how she wishes she was a housewife. A relative of mine was also exclaiming on Facebook how she is now officially a housewife and stay at home mom. I remember thinking to myself in the first case, I wouldn’t mind being a housewife, if we had millions, and I could do charity projects or start a social enterprise (a secret dream of mine!). However, I think I would go mad if my husband worked full time and I stayed home all day tending the home and not earning any income. Although I do get some fulfillment out of creating meals and home upkeep, it is only fulfilling as it is one of the many things I do. I am definitely a fan of variety. Even work gets me down if I do not keep busy in the other parts of my life. In the second case, my relative has children. I could see how nice it must be to stay at home with them while they are young but, again, I think I would need some projects to keep me busy, and would want to return to work once they were in school. One of my sisters is a housewife with children at school and I am getting the impression she is very bored-hence her excessive time at the gym and excessive meddling! Ha ha ha.

Well, my potential to become a millionaire soon or have children in the next while is not that great so I suppose I am in no danger of becoming a housewife…other than on a few Saturdays like today.


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