y4As autumn approaches, it is great to see all the leaves changing colours on the trees. Green, orange, red, and yellow.  Yellow is, apparently, the Gemini colour. I would not say it is my favourite colour-I struggle with picking a favourite colour as I like them all-but I definitely appreciate it. I found these neat yellow related pictures online which I hope to use as inspiration to bring more yellow and brightness into my life. y3

y6Here are some interesting yellow facts & tidbits according to the internet:y1

  • Yellow is connected with acquired knowledge and stimulates the left side of the brain-the logic side.
  • Yellow is the lightest hue of the spectrum-it is uplifting and illuminating, offers hope, joy, cheer, & fun
  • Yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness.
  • Yellow is the color of new ideas and is for the practical thinker-not the dreamer
  • Yellow helps with decision making
  • Yellow helps one focus, study and remember facts
  • Yellow is not recommended in the kitchen as it stimulates one’s appetite! y2





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