A good job, a good show, and a good site…

A great site to stream all your favourite tv shows online! Nothing like good TV to escape reality.

A great site to stream all your favourite tv shows online! Nothing like good TV to escape reality.

In the last while work has been crazy. I have all kinds of projects on the go. At least 99% of them are interesting and exciting which is great! This is exactly what one wants in a job. I feel each day I add value to the organization and the population we serve. How great is it to have a fulfilling job? This is the number one thing my generation is interested in these days. However, my workload is quite intense right now due to some of the extras tasks I have taken on so I have been putting in more hours than usual. I even plan to work a few hours today-a Saturday-to catch up on things and get ready for another exciting week on Monday.

A great show.

A great show.

To keep balanced, I have been de-stressing at home by watching The Good Wife. As you may know, the show is primarily about a female lawyer in Chicago with a complex personal life. I usually watch a bunch of episodes in a few weeks or so and then lose touch until I can watch a few in a row again. It is so frustrating to have to wait a year for another season. This is the case with Game of Thrones. It also does’t help there are so few shows per season. Ah well. With tv being available online now and being able to watch all the episodes somewhat close together definitely makes tv shows more enjoyable.

My favourite site to stream tv is Project Free TV. Sometimes you can watch shows from seasons and seasons ago in case you missed their original or second or third runs- and they have an extensive tv show library.  So, anytime you need an escape, just browse the library and watch something new or a past favourite.


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