Bread maker!


My list last year included buying a bread maker and making homemade onion bread. This item was eventually pushed off the list for other things but the intention has never left me. Very recently I finally purchased a bread maker! Already, it has revolutionized our kitchen and meals! There is nothing like fresh homemade bread.  You get to see all the ingredients going in and enjoying it warm and fresh is the best. In my husband’s country, I would devour fresh bread out of the oven on cold winter nights-and didn’t gain a pound! He has commented bread does not seem to get stale in this country for a long time. I explained it is likely due to chemical and preservatives-which we now do not have to worry about.

Already, we have tried all kinds of neat new breads like onion & cheddar, cottage cheese & dill, and Tex-Mex which includes chopped green chillies and cheddar cheese. The machine also allows one to make dinner rolls, pizza dough, pasta, or can just do your kneading for you-which is also great. Thinking of buying a bread maker? You will need to also stock up on bread basics like flour, yeast, sugar, salt, shortening, and herbs (for the specially flavoured bread) in order to get started. A great way to also save some money!


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