Vacation delays=so sad…


Despite the fact that my shiny new valid-for-ten years passport has finally arrived, we are having setbacks with our Mexican vacation plans! Our proposed vacation week of October 6th has been delayed…thanks to my job. Apparently, I need to stick around for a few important events and meetings. Really? Ah well. The other bad news is that Mexico seems to get more and more expensive as winter approaches. However, it really does not matter as the whole trip will be free for us anyways but it will still leave us with less available credit for future trips. I was hoping we could get at least two or three rounds of vacation for free! Anyways, what can you do? Gotta be happy with what we have.

Some good news, however, is that our Mexico Money coin jar has at least 170$ in it! Woo hoo! I thought we would have about 200$ by October 6th but clearly we will hit that number much earlier which means we can take along more spending money or start saving for something else special!  I suppose now we have to set a new departure date. I just hope both of our jobs will let us go-and soon! I am desperate for a vacation so I hope my husband’s work will also give him the go-ahead. If not, I am going to be very very very depressed!

More good news is that my passport picture is actually decent! I looked totally ridiculous in my last one. The photographer insisted on powdering my face with white powder to eliminate shine (he was convinced the passport staff would reject a photo otherwise due to glares). The result was that I had strange patches of light and dark skin! I was stuck with that photo for years! However, some of my best years travelling were with that passport. I hope the next 10 on this one will also be amazing. First visa stamp I expect: Mexico. After that, who knows?! But, may they be plentiful.


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