Last few books of the summer…


I have not posted any book updates in awhile but have been reading. I kept a list of books that I read since my Books I Read In The Sun post  and they are listed below. I thought I better post them quickly, as summer comes to an end, because books read in autumn may be very different. Ha ha ha.

All Woman & Springtime by Brandon W. Jones. This book is about two young North Korean women who are smuggled into South Korea and sold into the sex trade. This episode of the novel ends quite quickly and the women end up in Seattle shortly afterwards in a similar situation. The last bit of the book felt a bit rushed and the portion taking place in North Korea is by far the most interesting and detailed. 

The Red House- by Mark Haddon-This book is about an extended English family on vacation together for a week in the countryside. You never choose your family members so it is always awkward-and can be tense. The family members have their own baggage and personalities. Not super impressed with this book but cannot say it was bad either.

My favourite of this batch of books!

My favourite of this batch of books!

Virgin Cure-by Ami McKay-This book is about a child growing up in the slums of New York. Her mother sells her off into servitude. She runs away and is recruited into training for prostitution. Something about the book was not quite right…the tone? the writing? I am not sure exactly. Cannot put my finger on it but something held it back and kept it an average book rather than a great book.

Lady Cyclist’s Guide to Kashgar-by Suzanne Joinson-I liked this book. It is a woman who joins her sister on a missionary trip to Central Asia in the early twentieth century. It is also about a present day woman who receives an inheritance of all the contents of an apartment. Both woman have to deal with some unexpected things and people. On the side, I read the bio of the author at the end of the book and am very jealous! I want to work for the British Council and travel all over the place-but also live by the sea on the South Coast of England!

The Newlyweds-By Nell Freudenberger-This book is about a Bangledeshi woman who meets an American online and soon marries him. She then moves to America. I found this interesting as my husband is also an immigrant and I sponsored him to live here. However, unlike this online couple, we knew each other well as I lived in his country first and we met and dated there. Anyways, not sure what to make of the characters as the novel moves along. Would not want to be any of them and didn’t really like them that much. But, an enjoyable book.


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