Good times at the drive-in…


drivinWe finally managed to visit the drive in movie theater! For some time, I have wanted to check it out but never made much of an effort so I put it on my list of 31 things this year which ensures things happen! Our particular theater plays a few movies each night and a ticket into one show allows you to stay for all of them. However, I am not sure who would want to stay for more than 2! I mean, how many hours can you sit in your car even with the entertainment? It would remind me of long horrible airplane trips. Since the first film started right at dusk and we were not too keen on that movie, we went for show number two which was the horror movie, Insidious 2. As you may know from my A few scary movies post, I rather enjoy horror movies so was very excited to see it. Sadly, it was not so good but what can you do?

I learned that horror movies are probably best left for home viewing or indoor theaters as there are a lot of moments in darkness  or generally darker scenes that were harder to follow on the drive in screen for some reason. It could be because a little fog seemed to roll in during this movie. Who knows? However, the best movies to watch outdoors are probably those that take place in daylight settings or are even animated and have bright colours. I am sure my niece and nephew would love to go the next time they visit!

Anyways, we paid for our tickets and after the first show we hung around for the second movie-which was a super dull movie! Painfully dull! I won’t get into which movie it was. Anyways, it was a great experience to go to an outdoor movie but next time we will go on a warmer fog-free evening and take an SUV so we can sit in the back with blankets and lift the back gate! Here are a few more tips and tidbits of info in case you would like to check our your local drive in:

  • Most up to date drive ins now allow you to listen to the sound through your radio so you do not have to listen through their speakers.
  • If you are in a smaller car, sometimes only the two front seats can properly see the screen so bring folding chairs for your extra passengers and they can sit outside-or you all can!
  • Cleaning the windshield before you go is a good idea.
  • I brought a blanket since the car is off and it felt too cool with the windows open at 2 am but stuffy if they were closed. The blanket allowed the perfect combo of fresh air and comfort.
  • Go a bit early to get settled and turn off your headlights if you need to drive out when a movie is playing. The lights of others coming and going was really annoying and distracting.
  • Do not sneak in food if it is banned as many of these places thrive on concession sales. We would not want to lose them down the road.
  • Many drive ins ban alcohol. I think it would have been nice to have a glass of wine (no drinking and driving for the driver, though!). However, I can imagine that if alcohol was allowed and certain members of the public were drinking, it could turn into an unpleasant experience. Hence, to be fair, I guess no alcohol for all.
  • Enjoy the show if you go!

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