Baby Showers Make Me Dour…

Baby en route!

Baby en route!

Recently, I went to a baby shower. I do not have much experience with baby showers but I learned that unless the event is for you, it is quite a tedious experience to get through one. I suppose it could be interesting for someone who had their own baby shower in the past and wants to see all the gifts and goodies for baby but, in general, this is not a fun way to spend your afternoon if you are child free! I would rather just see the mother one-on-one and present her with my cute gift and get some direct appreciation for my thoughtfulness rather than be lost amongst the diaper genies and baby bibs. Ha ha ha.

Okay, I am terrible, I suppose. But, if you had to sit in a scorching hot room watching a handful grown women play ridiculous games that include  blindfolded sniffing of diapers smeared with  jam or Nutella or peanut butter while the majority watched and waited, you would die a little inside as well as you dreamed of all the other wonderful things you could be doing that day. At least provide some decent snacks-not everyone wants to gorge on cupcakes! Some vodka in the punch would also help! Ha ha ha. Despite my negativity, I am impressed what a tremendous welcome new babies get upon entering the world. It is nice that so many people provide so much to make life easier for the new family. I wish anyone who has a child the best of luck! It is definitely very exciting and very life changing. My lesson from this experience? Should the time come when I require a baby shower, I will make sure that it is much more inclusive and that there is no diaper sniffing!


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