The 100th post…


Congratulations to me; this is my 100th post! I started this blog way back in June 2012 and have now reached the milestone of the 100th post. So…what to blog about for this very special post? I have to say I am not entirely sure. However, it is September now and two thirds of 2013 has passed. I feel like it was just a short while ago my husband and I celebrated New Year 2013 pulled over on the road in our car.

September has always been one of my favourite months. I feel like summer winds down and energy is given full force, and with renewed enthusiasm, to new and old projects. It, for me, is more of a new year than January ever has been. A time to make resolutions and plans-at least until the end of 2013.

So, despite my list of 31 which has a deadline of June, I can focus on a few things for the rest of 2013. They include:

  1. Vacation-as you can see by my last 2 posts I am set to run off to Mexico. Just waiting for my passport.
  2. Job and career-my position at work has been extended so I need to sort out the details regarding that; is there more pay due to more responsibilities? How much longer is it extended for? What comes with a permanent position? I would like to take advantage of any professional development opportunities as well-but specifically which ones should I request? I also want to think about my career in general. Of course, staying in my current position would be great for me but I have applied for one of my dream jobs on a whim and will know within 2013 if I am qualified or not. If not, I need to look at what areas I need to improve so I can eventually get into this dream position the next time it comes up as an option.
  3. Work-life balance-I can get a bit excited about work and take on all kinds of things-and way too many of them. This has been my habit in the past when I was single and something I do not want to do now that I am married. I have recently noticed I am getting into that excited phase and will have to monitor myself to make sure I do not take on too much. I will have to have a look at my calendar and make sure I am scheduling in a few shorter weeks here and there which will force me to keep myself in check. I also have piles of vacation time so it is easy enough to do so.
  4. Marriage-My husband and I have had a lot of challenges in our marriage. Cultural and religious differences, language barriers at times, and then the big bad immigration and settlement process. We are moving into a better place as time goes on and I want to ensure we keep moving in that direction.
  5. Husband’s goals-My husband is the other half of this family and is adjusting to life in this country. He had made tremendous progress-learning the language, finding work-and so much more. However, I know he needs to feel he is advancing with his goals and I want to help support them. They include saving money, sending money back home as well, improving his English, making friends, enjoying himself socially, and improving his work situation. This last one is especially important as he currently has a labour based job he needs to move out of-or at least advance into a better position within the company.
  6. Health & Wellness-As one gets older, more problems arise. I want to take better care of myself and will need to focus on this.
  7. Money-Life has been expensive the last few years with my time in Georgia, coming and going, the wedding and marriage, immigration, and then supporting my husband. I have some debt which I am now finally in a position to work on decreasing. I want to make sure the next few months chip away at this debt.
  8. Fun-Getting in some fun time is always very important!

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