Saving for a sunny day…

The Rainy Day Fund coin counting jar jazzed up to become our Mexico Money jar!

The Rainy Day Fund coin counting jar jazzed up to become our Mexico Money jar!

Saving for a rainy day? How about saving for a sunny vacation? Last Christmas, I bought my husband a battery operated coin counting jar called the Rainy Day Fund which he did not really use that much as he would just end up using the money in it! So, this is where I come in!

One of the items on my list is to save some money for a special purpose. The jar is the perfect tool and only seems to work when you are saving for something specific. After doing some of my vacation research earlier this week, I am sure we will have lots of unexpected and additional costs despite the trip being an all inclusive vacation package. I am sure we will not want to sit around the resort for a full week but will want to go out zip lining or to visit Mayan ruins while in Mexico as well as buy all kinds of fun gifts and souvenirs.

So, I decided to spice up the Rainy Day Fund jar with a  new label-MEXICO MONEY-and start collecting money. That way, the vacation will feel like it really is free-or at least very cheap as we won’t have to dig into our pay-cheques as much.

It has only been a few days but my husband and I have been dropping in pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, dollars, and even some 5 dollar bills. We already have over 40$ and will not be going on our vacation for at least 4 weeks or so. If we hit 200$, I will definitely be impressed. The trick is to make sure ALL change goes in and small bills too!

After this Mexican trip comes and goes…I think I will update the jar signage for a Christmas fund next as well all know how expensive that can be-especially with my giant family. But, for now, I can daydream about how we can spend the money in Mexico. Here are a few ideas:

  • Mexican souvenirs; we try to buy a magnet for our fridge everywhere we go but pottery is supposed to be nice as well
  • Tours to see Mayan ruins; always wanted to see them!
  • Art; once I brought back a beautiful ceramic Mayan calendar that still looks amazing
  • Gifts for friends and family; a few birthdays and Christmas will be coming up soon afterwards
  • Activities that are not included at our resort such as zip lining and motorized water sports!
  • Tips and taxis and restaurants, of course!

Am very much so looking forward to this vacation. Still have to book the exact resort but am waiting for my passport first!


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