A few updates…


I thought I would use this post to provide a few updates. Just a short while ago I was complaining about my husband and his extra vehicles in the post Risky Business. Well, since I wrote that, he has sold off 2 of the vehicles and made an average of 63% more than what he paid for the cars. Not too bad at all. Now we only have one car each which is nice and normal! However, since he did make a profit I do think he will try this again so I soon may have more vehicles clogging up the drive!

Another great update is about my job. In The Job Post I mentioned I was on a maternity cover at my current position but was hoping-and was pretty confident-I would be staying on longer term. Well, good news! I met with my boss a short while ago and she confirmed that the organization feels I am a good fit and they would like to keep me on. It was great to hear positive feedback from her as well as other staff. Great things that stick out are that I am positive, passionate, a go-getter, motivating to others, and more! We talked a lot about what leadership means but I will save this for a later post.

Flowers blooming in our garden; May 2013

Flowers blooming in our garden; May 2013

In the Dentist Day post, I mentioned I had gone to the dentist which is fairly standard. However, for my husband, it was his first western dentist experience and he had a lot of minor issues that needed attention. The good news is that he has had a handful of further appointments after the initial Dentist Day post and almost all his dental issues have been dealt with. Two more sessions to go! Now, I hope he will always have strong and healthy teeth. This is an opportunity that definitely would not have been easily available to him in his home country.  Our total bill-thank goodness for insurance from work which paid for all of this-is over 3500$ so far. I definitely got my money’s worth from my work benefits!

In Someone Is Out There I mentioned that there are actually people from other parts of the world that are reading this blog. Well, it seems like the blog is picking up and since I wrote that post I also have had visitors from the following countries: Turkey, Australia, Lebanon, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Germany, Namibia, France, Jersey, Switzerland, Indonesia, Montenegro, Colombia, South Africa, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, Georgia, Japan, United States, India, Russian Federation, and Uruguay. Pretty cool!

Earlier this year I was feeling that life was a bit stagnant and I wrote the post Needing More. Maybe it was the spring blues-is there such at thing?-or something else but I feel a lot more fulfilled in the last while. It could be that I am feeling more engaged and excited at work or that I have a few more projects on the go or even just the summer weather. Whatever it is, I realize I need to take control when I feel like this and get engaged in things. I am not a person who does well when idle. I realize I thrive when there are multiple priorities and projects and interests. Even my work colleagues have noticed this so I get all the short term projects to keep things fresh. At home I am helping my husband with his little side business, his car flipping stuff (mostly the online selling part for me!), our mystery venture, and am also helping my sister with planning and marketing for her business. I have to say I enjoy it all.

Anyways, just thought I would add a few updates and tie things together.


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