Risky Business…


For the last few months my husband and I have been mulling over a business idea. The idea seems great but we have a few logistics to work out and some capital to get together before we can get started. I am quite eager to work on this project but my husband keeps delaying our progress by purchasing vehicles!

We currently own 4 vehicles-3 of which are his. Now, because he is mechanically inclined, he is hoping to make a few repairs and resell them at a profit. It is a bit of a risky business but this is quite a popular thing to do in Georgia-where the number one export is, surprisingly, vehicles. Mind you, I do not believe this country produces any vehicles of its’ own. Usually, individuals or companies will import cars (and often luxury ones at that!) and make some repairs and sell them off to other former Soviet states. I am a bit anxious about trying this here as things are a bit different in this country but I guess we will see what happens.

In the meantime, I am continuing to research and prepare for the day when we can launch our other little venture which will also be a bit of a risk. However, some creativity and initiative may just pay off for us. I guess we will see! Thus, I would like to alter number 28 on my list of 31 to change from Develop and Display More Photographs to Launch the Mystery Business Venture. So, looks like I will now HAVE to make it happen within this year.


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