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I admit my blog is quite dull. I have not moved to some exotic location where I can complain about everything or note cute cultural observances. I am not writing about anything controversial or documenting crazy diets or mad adventures. I am also not making top ten or how to lists. I actually have no particular focus on this blog. Yet, somehow, I now have 24 followers, visitors from all kinds of countries, and a small amount of hits each month. I am certain I do not know any of the individuals following this blog and I sometimes wonder why they would want to follow it. The contents really are just for me but as I said, way back when I started this thing, you never know and it may benefit someone else somehow.

Over the last few months I have started to read the blogs of others. I must say, many of them are very enjoyable! Perhaps this is why people want to follow mine? Blogs are a little slice of the lives of others. You never know what you can learn and they all remind me how similar we all are no matter where we are from or are living. Most of the blogs I prefer are written by female expatriates living somewhere as housewives and blogging quite regularly. Anyways, I will add to the list of blogs I enjoy below as I keep up my own blog.  Maybe, you will enjoy them too!

Diary of A White Indian Housewife– This blog is written by an Australian national who married an Indian man and moved to India. She writes about her experiences living in Mumbai. She has written a book as well. I recall seeing this couple on House Hunters International before I discovered her blog. **As of 2014, this blogger is taking a break!

Ash & Eliza– This blog is about another couple that was featured on House Hunters International. They recently moved to Oman where the husband works as a pilot for an airline. The wife was a flight attendant but is now a housewife. **As of September 2013, this blogger is back in the USA, divorced, and no longer posting but has started a new blog. 

** Adding as of September 2013- Our new life in Ohhhh-man!– Another couple moves to Oman! Check out their adventures on their blog. Lots of helpful info for those considering moving pets across oceans.

No Sex and the City-This blog is about a Georgian woman who lives in Tbilisi, in the capital of Georgia. She comments on her life and about issues at hand in the country. Naturally, I am interested in this country and what is going on there. Not many Georgian bloggers out there that I know about so this is a treat for me. **In February 2016 this blogger stopped posting. 

How to Live Like an Omani Princess-This blog is written primarily by a Canadian woman who is married to an Omani man. She often includes photos and internet clippings about makeup, fashion, and home decor. However, once in a while she also makes comments about the culture, her views, and life in general as a white Muslim and wife of an Omani national living in Muscat. ** In April 2018 this blogger took down her blog. 

**Adding as of September 2013Diana’s Costa Rica Blog– An older couple retires to Costa Rica from Canada. An informative and fun blog for those interested in pura vida! I would love to up and move one day like these folks. Having  been to Costa Rica, I think this blog keeps my attention easily.

**Adding as of September 2013-Africa Expat Wives Club-Such a great blog name! However, the British author seems to be one woman who has lived in Nairobi for some time. Very interesting blog about daily and family life. Lots of comments about what is going on politically. She has also posted about the Westgate Mall attack. Having spent quite a bit of time in Nairobi, I have to say I enjoy reading her musings. **In 2017 this site went offline.

**Adding as of September 2013-Adventures in Ankara-As you know, I love Turkey so enjoy this blog about an American lawyer who moved to Ankara with her Turkish husband. **Blogger left Turkey but still posts once in a while. 

**Adding as of November 2013American Girls in Moscow-This blog is about a woman who lives in Moscow with her 2 daughters and husband. She works at a school but provides lots of interesting information about the city and culture. I find Russia to be very interesting and plan to visit my husband’s uncle there in the future so like to read along. She will also be volunteering for the Sochi Olympics and then moving out of the country. I hope she writes a bit more frequently. **Blogger stopped posting as the Olympics neared. 

**Adding as of November 2013Life’s a Picnic-A newly married Australian couple move to Nairobi! Having also spent some time in this city, I really enjoyed reading this blog. Great pictures too! ** Bloggers suddenly stopped posting in 2014. Hopefully they are okay.

** Adding as of March 2015Gringanation-This blogger is a travel writer in Mexico and is married to a local. Despite all the travel writer aspects on things, it is great to also learn about her life as a gringa in Mexico. I know the photos make me want to move down south right away!

These are a few blogs I have browsed through. I will update this list as I come across others that I have enjoyed.


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  1. Dear iam30now, thanks for reading our blog (theshifting veiws are because we sometimes post things written by friends, and because the blog has more than one contributer but the main contributer is me;) and I am Canadian and married to an Omani. But I am not newly Muslim, a decade almost now. Thanks for reading. Just discovered your blog.

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