Our Special Day…

July 2011-Our newly created wedding rings!

July 2011-Our shiny newly created wedding rings! Now they are 2 years old!

Well, as of this month it has been 2 years since we got married! Wow. I find it hard to believe that it was two whole years ago that we scrambled around Tbilisi in 40 degree Celsius heat planning our wedding in two days and translating documents for our immigration application. Running around finding appropriately coloured flowers for my bouquet and buying gold to melt into our wedding rings and finding the perfect restaurant for our post-wedding feast are just examples of the madness of those few days. This was followed by a relaxing Turkish honeymoon (I love Turkey!) and extended stay wandering around Georgia’s best villages, towns, and cities together. Such a great time! If I was rich I would aimlessly wander the world with my husband. Then, it was a 4 month oceans-apart marriage while we waited for the government to review our paperwork.  We had another month vacation together overseas and then he was here within another month following that vacation. That is when our marriage really began!

Bored sheep at the petting zoo but definitely sheep are the best to pet-such a cool texture.

Bored sheep at the petting zoo but definitely sheep are the best to pet-such a cool texture.

Since then we have had a crazy time that just started to finally balance out in the last few months. Thank goodness! For a while I was worried our marriage was a complete disaster but it was mostly just culture shock. To mark our special day recently we did not go wild-we had enough of that-but both made sure to have a day off work so we could hang out together. We took care of basic things like laundry and grocery shopping in the morning and then picked up my niece and nephew, mother, and sister so we could all spent a few hours in the afternoon visiting a local farm and vineyard-where we lost my sister to the wine tasting room for the rest of the visit. We indulged in blackberry smoothies and corn pizza at the farm cafe and purchased fresh cherries and honey sticks to take home. We wandered around the property and vineyard and stopped at the petting zoo.

Flower garden at the farm. May our days be as tranquil and lovely as this garden.

Flower garden at the farm. May our days be as tranquil and lovely as this garden.

The kids hung out with us at our farm for the rest of the day. My house is their absolute favourite! I have never heard them demanding to visit my other sister’s homes. Ha ha ha. In the evening we took them back to my parent’s house where my extended family was gathered for a visit. Mom’s cooking was for dinner and then we were back home as we had to work the next day; A great and peaceful day. I hope there are many more to come as we have already had our share of crazy days in this marriage! I feel we have finally stabilized our base-for the most part. Moving forward into the next three years, we will have a lot more to do including my husband getting citizenship, charting his long term career plans, possible children, sorting out our housing situation, and a whole lot of other serious grown up business! Yikes! But I am amazed that I am here as well. I never imagined it.


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