Popcorn and Coke Zero are mandatory…


The other night my husband and I went to the movies! I generally prefer to watch movies at home but as long as the visits to the theater are few and far between, I tend to enjoy my popcorn filled evening. A new theater is springing up in our community next year so our old theater is trying to stay afloat by offering very cheap tickets at $6 and a one-time free popcorn if you sign up for their fan club. We enjoyed our freebie this time around. We saw WORLD WAR Z which was much better than I thought it would be. Perhaps this is because earlier this year I discovered The Walking Dead tv show and am much more open to a zombie movie or tv show actually being good and not just about blood, guts, and decapitation! A year ago I would have flat out refused to even consider watching it.

Anyway, the movie was in 3D (which I think is often just a cash grab!) and the two hours or so zipped by. Summer is usually the time for big blockbuster movies to come out but, honestly, I cannot even think of one upcoming movie I am burning to see this time around. In the last while I also watched The Hangover 3 and The Great Gatsby. Both of them were just okay…I should have gone to Star Trek instead but my husband, from the Republic of Georgia, had never heard of it before and the amount of explaining that would have been required felt too overwhelming!


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