Peacock calls…

Cute cartoon found online

Cute cartoon found online

The cries or calls of peafowl in the evening may truly one of the most mournful sounds I have ever heard! We have been sleeping with windows open, of course, ever since the weather permitted it. The fresh cool breeze is definitely welcome but one of the surprises we have had since moving here on our little farm is also the cries of our neighbour’s peacocks and hens that sometimes call to each other-or outwards-late into the night.

Occasionally, we also catch sight of them as they wander freely out onto the street. They tend to come out in warm but not the hottest weather. I have yet to snap a photo as my camera never seems to be at hand when driving. I especially want to capture a photo of a particularly glorious white one with a beautiful train. Seeing and hearing them makes me think of exotic lands…which is very welcome indeed as I drift off to sleep…


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