July fun…


Having kids around in the summer is a blast! In the July sun, we have been having fun! As I mentioned in the past, my sweet nephew and niece are visiting the family from Florida. They make the trip about once a year and each time there is a flurry out outings, bbqs, group dinners out, and entertainment. I cannot always make it to all these things as it gets very difficult with work Monday to Friday but luckily we all have some flex time and ability to work from home occasionally.

A pic of the Tbilisi Aquapark that I found online. It was def not empty like this when we went!

A pic of the Tbilisi Aquapark that I found online. It was NOT empty like this when we went!

In the record breaking heat a few weeks ago, we went to the local waterslides. The kids loved it and had almost no fear-unlike me! The last time I went to the waterslides was in Tbilisi, Georgia, two years ago and I remember feeling pretty nervous at times going down those slides. The BLACK HOLE or whatever it is called gave me a few seconds of anxiety and claustrophobia! Just a few seconds of these feelings but I guess I have to admit I lost a bit of that fearlessness I thought I had! The water park in Georgia is a much different experience than here. Here it is all about families, hot dogs, and picnics. In Georgia, although it is family friendly and has everything local water parks have, it is also much more adult oriented in many ways with cool music and DJs, nice pools to lounge around and in, alcoholic drinks, cafes, massage and salon services, and much more. My husband and I went on a scorching hot day and it was a wonderful way to cool down and spend half the day. This recent excursion reminded me of that visit two years ago. Although I loved hanging out with the kids, I have to admit that Georgia wins in the waterslide department!


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