The job post…


I usually do not like to write about work but it is Saturday and I still have work on my mind. In the last while I have been more excited about my work and more deeply involved. I have almost always worked in philanthropic organizations that have made wonderful contributions to society-large and small-but never have I worked in a setting that is not only philanthropic but also very political. That is, until I accepted my current role. I must say, it has been very educational and interesting. I have been in my new role for about eight months now and am enjoying it more and more each day. Unlike my last position, the constant meetings are actually somewhat productive and impactful. I strongly resent useless meetings!

My day to day job involves a lot of managing of programs and staff and monitoring and that is all good and well but the part of my job that gets me excited is being exposed to so much new information, diversity, and perspective. Much of this info and perspective is from an angle a normal citizen would have no exposure to or even interest in unless they were involved personally somehow. Due to the lack of exposure when I was a normal citizen, I have a lot to learn and am taking it in like a sponge! I could not help but feel great satisfaction when my boss mentioned I am ‘quick’ and others do not get the big picture like I do (or at least they take much longer!). A few years in this position and I feel the world will be my oyster. This is the first job I could also see myself staying somewhat long term at.

The job was supposed to be a maternity cover but I am feeling pretty confident that I will be offered a permanent position at some point. In the last few months, we have been drafting an application for government funding for next year. This was fabulous, as first of all, it was my first time for such a huge funding proposal and I learned a lot, and second, I got to be creative and propose new programs. This is one of my most favourite things to do-designing programs. I am always brimming with ideas but actually having opportunities to bring them to life is rare and far between. This was one of them so that was great. Anyway, now that I am so much more involved with the organization, I hope I will be kept on as I would love to see these exciting things through. If the funding is approved for the proposed projects (which would start in April) I will have a very rewarding and exciting job from then on. If not, then I will be job searching again! The only issues is there may be a 6 month gap in which I may have no position. We will see. I am definitely glad I left my last dull higher paying job for this one. Just see this post from last July to see how much I complained about it!


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