I am 31 now…


I have not had time to write in quite a while but lots to catch up on! First of all, I had my birthday so I am now 31! I survived 30 and it was tough. Lots of things to deal with; getting out of a boring job that was not right for me into a new exciting one, major marital breakdown and rebuilding, family issues, personal emotional struggles which often were not mentioned on this blog, financial troubles, husband settlement issues, and more! But, lots of good things too! Do I now have to change the name of the blog to Iam31now? I think I will leave it be.

Next, my list is complete! I took that mini-trip to Oregon, am set up to get into decent financial shape (though just barely), I had more fun on weekends, took better care of my health, and will have 31 things on a list for this year soon. The only thing I did not do was buy 5 new clothing items. I only bought 3. Thus, I will put it on my list again but increase the number to 10 as punishment. I really really do need to buy new clothes!

Another update is about the post Sickness and Horoscopes. Am looking back and the predictions are more or less not true! So now I know and will not waste time reading these horoscopes! Ha ha ha.

Anyways, just wanted to do a quick post for now-lots to update later in more detail!


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