A few scary movies…


Every once in awhile I really enjoy a great scary movie! They are one of my guilty pleasures! Most horror movies are terrible but there are always a few that are actually pretty good. Since I was sick for a few days, I had a few indoor evenings in which I turned off all the lights and made my husband watch movies with me. Both the films I watched were great for scary movies so I thought I would share them here…and add a few other recommendations that came to mind! So, next time you want a creepy scary night in, check out the movies below!

The Awakening-Takes place in the UK in 1921. Main character is a woman who wishes to disprove that ghosts exist. She goes about doing so until one day she is asked to investigate ghosts at an all boys boarding school. That is where the fun begins. Not really that scary but I enjoyed this film.

Mama-This movie involves feral children who were raised by a ghost! Need I say more?

Sinister-A true crime writer moves his family into a house where the previous family was killed. He finds a few old school videos that seem to be films of murders. Strange things soon start to happen. I thought I had the movie figured out a few times but I was wrong.

The Possession-This movies takes place in the US (but I think is filmed in Canada) and is about a young girl who buys a wooden box at a yard sale. Hebrew carvings decorate the box-and it turns out it is a dybbuk box. Unfortunately, malicious spirits usually live inside such boxes and soon the spirit affects the girl. Her father has to connect with the Jewish community to learn more about dybbuk boxes and what can be done to save this increasingly disturbed daughter.

Drag me to Hell-I recommended this movie to a friend and she now thinks I have questionable taste in movies. I, however, rather like this movie. It is about a bank worker who turns down a loan to an old gypsy woman. After that, bad things begin to happen!! I admit there are parts of this movie that made me laugh out loud because they are so ridiculous but I still liked it.

Insidious-This movie is about a couple whose son seems to lapse into a sudden coma. But things cannot be so simple as that! You will have to watch to see the real reason he is in a deep sleep-and this is where the movie goes a bit crazy-but overall I like this movie. Lots of cheap thrills and parts that make you jump!

Haunting at Silver Falls-This is a teen type movie about a girl who loses her parents and goes to live with an aunt and uncle. In her new town there are stories of a haunting. One night the girl finds a ring and puts it on. Soon, she starts seeing ghosts.

Chernobyl Diaries-This movies is about a group of tourists who ignore signs (along with their local guide) and go into the temporarily restricted zone near what is now the Chernobyl tourist attraction. Chaos ensues. The movie starts off with cheap thrills and scary moments but later is a bit ridiculous. I still enjoyed it but it could be because it reminded me of Georgia and traveling.

The Omen-A creepy movie and the 2006 version is a remake of the original in 1976! This one is about a family and their young child who is a bit…strange. There is a bit of mystery and adventure involved. Entertaining and worth the watch!

So, there you have it! A few of my scary movies. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Let me know what else is good!


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