Portland, Oregon…


Sometimes one needs a change of scene! Taking a mini-trip has been on the list for a while now and finally it can be checked off! My husband and I recently visited Portland, Oregon. We had passed through last year on our road trip but did not really get to check the place out all that much. This time, we enjoyed dining out, relaxing, and shopping. Just hanging out somewhere new is also great. Shopping lead me to buy 2 of 5 items of new clothing (which I desperately need!) for work. Only 3 more to go-which I dread but will be happy to have and will allow me to check this item off my original list.oregon

Earlier this year, I came across a Facebook page for a Georgian food cart that is located in Portland. The name of it is Kargi Gogo-just do a Google search! I made sure to find it and take my husband for a quick visit. It was great! We drank Borjomi water and bought some khatchapuri and lobiani. Unfortunately, the khinkhali was all out of stock. My husband felt the food was not as good as it should be to truly represent Georgia but I thought it was great to see Georgian cuisine being sold anywhere outside of Georgia or Russia. The cart was pretty busy too!

After all our entertainment, by the time we got home, we were tired but had had a nice time. Something about changing one’s scene is always positive and re-energizes you. I am hoping for many more mini-trips to come.


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