Who let the cows out?!


IMG_0661The farm we live on has a few cute dogs on it. These dogs have been barking up a storm every morning when the neighbour lets his or her cows into the pasture. By the time the cows make it across the field to their favourite spot near the fence that divides the properties and is close to our cottage, the dogs come running from wherever they are and bark endlessly at these cows-starting very EARLY in the morning.

The first few days they barked ALL day. They sat at the fence and barked and barked and barked at these two cows who could not care less and were not at all disturbed by the dogs or their barking. In fact, they munched on their grass without rest and showed no interest. I, however, was interested in these silly dogs who must see these cows each spring and all summer every year yet still seem to think they are novel enough to waste time barking at for hours each day. Am hoping the ruckus decreases over the next few mornings or I better start waking up with the cows!


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