To repair or not to repair…


Sometimes my husband amazes me. The other day he took apart a vacuum cleaner that was not working. He unscrewed all the bits and bobs and checked out all the wires. He tested this and that until he discovered why this machine was not working. Then he spent some time trying this and that until it seemed repaired. He plugged it in and voila! It was working. Now, if it was me…I would have either taken it to a repair shop or more likely assumed it had reached its life limit and gone shopping for another. This makes me think I have probably-along with millions of others on this continent-prematurely thrown out all kinds of things.

When I was in Georgia, I noticed people generally seemed to value their belongings a bit more. They would take great care of their cars, shoes, clothes, and household items-even those that did not seem valuable to me. These items seemed to also last a long time which is great economically as well as for the environment. So, I am inspired to be less wasteful will now try to think twice before tossing out things without a thought!


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