Fights, fire, flats, fast cars, and wine in a box…


In the last few days life has been all over the place. First, I had a gigantic fight with my husband. Basically, both of us have been bottling up our frustrations-and the bottle finally exploded! My frustrations-since this is my blog and I can complain here in a one sided matter-are related to his anger and control issues. I understand that coming to this country has made him feel insecure which has lead to anger and attempts to control but he has to learn an appropriate way to express his frustrations. Trying to control outcomes is not one of them and being a miserable, snapping, rude individual is also not ideal-and impacts our marriage and day to day happiness. I think I successfully got this through his head but we will see. It took us two days to get back on the same page but we did so (so far!). I have to keep reminding myself that it is a process and that I need to keep seeing how far he has come and that there will be an end. I also need to try to cut him some slack instead of getting caught up in my frustrations and demanding things he cannot yet give. I have to refer back to my post from a few days ago and lead and act with love.

In the last few days, we also went on a brief camping trip with some friends (who had to deal with the tension between us at times). It was definitely an adventure! I pre-prepared all our fixings for veggie and regular burgers while my husband had marinated steak. We made potatoes-Beshumi style-by baking them on coals. Due to all the nice weather, the campfire burnt very well. The fire was the perfect triangular shape one sees in movies. Finally, we had wine from a box! Ha ha ha. It was not bad and very convenient to keep and serve for the location. Also, it contains a huge quantity which was one of the appealing factors! The food tasted especially delicious to me (I picked some nice high end veggie burgers for myself)-and it was nice our friends had a portable bbq. Something about cooking and eating outside is always great.  Sleep was not uncomfortable as it sometimes can be in a tent; neither was packing up (which is the worst part of such trips!).

The bad news is that as we were leaving on the logging road, we obtained a flat tire and did not have a spare. Thus, we had no choice but to drive as far as we could on the flat-until it literally rolled off the car-and then had to start walking to a nearby auto wrecker hoping he would have a matching tire. Luckily, along the way, a couple picked us up and drove us there. They also drove us back after the nice auto wrecker let us have the tire for free –he was in a bit of a rush and I think just wanted to get rid of us. (We promised we would drop off a thank you gift in the future!). Along this same road, we also ran into people taking their horses out for a walk and a lady whose mother had gone missing from a gas station the day before. She approached us with a poster asking if we had seen her mother. We had not. Apparently, her vehicle and belongings were found untouched at a gas station but she had not been seen or heard from since. I have been watching the news but have not heard any updates. It is scary to think people can go missing just like that. This horrible situation put things in perspective for my husband and I (and our battle which was on the back burner but still there).

As we drove home we came across a local racing track. My husband loves cars and racing so we decided to drop in for an hour to watch. We bought some tickets and watched some quick races. Not my kind of thing but it was nice to sit in the sun and interesting to see the cars for a little while-hot rods, dragsters, fancy new cars, and old beaters that had been updated. By the time we got home, we were ready to shower and relax. Back to work and regular life the next day!  There you have it-a slice of my life!


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