A few good reads…


gilgamesh_joan_londonI have not been reading all that much lately as other things have been taking priority. I have had to renew my stack of library books a few times online  in order to avoid late charges. Luckily, there are few renewals before they make you bring them back to the library and let others have a look. But, over the last month or so I have read the books below. I liked GILGAMESH the best of this batch!

Loving Pedro Infante by Denise Chavez-This book focuses on a Mexican American border community. The main character struggles with friendship and a bad relationship with a married man.

The Last Chinese Chef by Nicole Mones-I want to go to China! This book is about a widow who must travel to China as someone has claimed her husband fathered a child there. She meets a half American Chinese chef who is part of a contest prior to the Olympics. The pair get to know each other and much of the story centers around food.

Prayers and Lies by Sherri Wood Emmons-This book is about secrets, childhood, and complicated families. Having sisters, I enjoyed some of the dynamics between the sisters in this novel. An enjoyable read with some heavy situations.

Gilgamesh by Joan London-I loved this book. The main character is female. She grows up on a small farm in rural Australia and ends up following a lover she barely knows to Armenia after giving birth to his son. She never finds him but life goes on. War comes and goes and she struggles with various situations she ends up in-and various relationships (not romantic relationships). She returns home and settles down into life somehow. There is so much more to this novel but you will have to read it. Perhaps it only resonates with me.

The Violin Lover by Susan Glickman-Love, or what is perceived to be potential for love, with the wrong person can go so terribly wrong. I enjoyed this novel that takes place in London and is about a Jewish mother who gets involved with a self loathing Jewish doctor. I am not a mother but I can see how women could have gotten lost in family and should someone present an exciting temptation and make one feel like the centre of the world, it would be a difficult situation. In this case, I could see how Clara felt she could never be satisfied with her old live again after the doctor’s relationship with her.

The Country of Marriage by Anthony Giardina-The description of this book is something along the lines of a glimpse into men’s lives as they deal with the domestic experience. A collection of gloomy characters that are probably quite realistic BUT endless studies have proved married men are much better off than their single counterparts. Women, on the other hand, tend to be better off alone. Interesting, don’t you think? Anyways, despite some gloominess, it was an interesting book (but a bit scary now that I have a husband…might ask him, ‘What are you thinking?’ a bit more often!).


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