April Fools’ Day…


Happy April Fools’ Day-and Happy Easter Monday! I have enjoyed some time off this last while and was busy with my friend’s wedding (She is off on her honeymoon now and I wish her the happiest of marriages!). Her wedding was a grand affair!

My husband and I also fulfilled some of the items on my list. For example, we took a harbour cruise. It was a beautiful night with great views of the city but a bit chilly in the wind. Dinner was served on the boat and the open air deck was a nice place to dance-if one was interested. I splurged on a new dress for myself which I wore to the cruise which is another item checked off my list.

Getting our campfire started!

Getting our campfire started!

In the last while, we also have tried another new thing here by cooking on a campfire (that makes at least 2 new things for my list so far!).  The list has definitely moved a bit but now that it is April 1st, I only have 3 months to make the rest of it happen! Here is the list as it stands right now and I have added what needs changing:

  1.   Find more work-life balance
  2. Visit the capital city- it is nice to visit in the summer and June is too early to make it happen so I am going to change this to take a mini-trip
  3. Boating…
  4. Put some effort into the look of the home
  5.  See an unknown part of my country  (I have done this when my husband’s friend introduced us to the off roading forests not too far from us)
  6. Get into decent financial shape –Due to unexpected events earlier this year, I think this should now be to get set up for decent financial shape after June
  7. Get something or splurge on something I do not need for myself and not someone else
  8. Buy 5 decent new clothing items for work-still on the list!
  9. Try 3 new things!-2 things done
  10. Celebrate the small stuff more often.
  11. Visit a ski resort.
  12. Spend quality time with the loved ones and trying to bring some joy and positivity into their lives.-This is a bit vague I have realized so I would like to change it to have more fun on the weekends.
  13. Take better care of my health.-This is still on my list!
  14. Always try to keep positive despite the challenges coming up. Improve and plan for the big changes that are coming up-Also a bit vague so maybe plan 31 new things for next year!

New list:

  1. Take a mini-trip
  2. Get set up to get in decent financial shape
  3. Buy 5 new clothing items for work
  4. Have more fun on weekends
  5. Take better care of my health
  6. Plan 31 new things for next year

Just 6 items left on my list of 30 and a quarter of the year to go!


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