Everyone else’s drama…


Sleeping in…epic fail. For some reason, it has become impossible to sleep in on days off. My husband and I struggle to wake up on time all week and then on weekends and days off, we seem to spring out of bed early in the morning. I have not brushed my teeth yet or had a thing to eat but I have already washed the floors and tidied up-my Saturday must do. Now that the serious stuff is out of the way, I can relax. Hence, finding some time to write, but having nothing to write about.

Well, today I have already been in touch with my friend who is getting married soon. She is experiencing wedding stress. Plans are falling through all over the place, her father is ill, her mother is stressed, our friends are irritating her, and she is upset. I feel very bad for her. I escaped all this wedding stress myself by taking my wedding abroad and throwing it together last minute. In fact, I arrived at the airport on a Thursday with just an outfit and was married on the Sunday. My husband and I scrambled to find photographers, make up ladies, and florists. It was quite fun, actually. Because we wanted to hurry up and marry in order to hurry up and get our visa so we could live on one continent at the same time together, we invited no one and threw the wedding together-with a vague plan we would do a formal celebration down the road (but it still has not materialized and we could not care less but may do a vow renewal down the road). But, back to my friend-the poor thing-I am not sure how to help her other than taking her out for drinks tonight. She also does not have any free time as each weekend before the wedding is booked and then she is off to London, Paris, and Casablanca for a honeymoon. After that, she will be going back to school abroad. I guess I will have to fly after her to spend some quality time with her.

My other friend, who I just got off the phone with, is expecting her first child. She is currently two months pregnant and I am very excited for her. After seeing my sister become a mother and how her life changed, I think my opinion on having a child is much more positive than it would have been 5 years ago. This friend has always wanted marriage and a family and I am happy her dreams are coming true for her. It will definitely change her lifestyle.

That is everyone else’s drama. Thankfully, I do not have much going on myself at the moment which is just the way I like it! Other than our dinner tonight, I plan to stay home all day reading and relaxing. Tomorrow is Sunday which is my laundry day as well as my day with my husband. Should also be relaxing!


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