March is a lion…


March came in like a lion! Friends have announced pregnancies, my husband quit smoking, work has gotten crazy, my best friend is getting married (with which comes the inevitable wedding drama!), the rain has been pouring, tax time is looming, my husband is getting restless, and I am slowly retreating further and further into the farming online gaming world! Ha ha ha-just kidding about that last one! Sort of.

March has definitely been busy. Despite some heavy rain days, the sun has been making occasional appearances and reminding me that spring is around the corner. I am very much so looking forward to some outdoor time! In the last while, however, I have not been idle. I have proudly dismantled old furniture, written successful government grant applications, made time for friends, gotten a stylish haircut, received encouraging feedback from my boss and been given an increase of hours (great financially but will miss those 4 day work weeks!), and I also went bowling . I am sure the rest of March will be hectic but I will have to try harder to find some time to write.

Last year, at this time, my husband was brand new to the country and I was just starting a job that turned out to be very boring. It has been amazing all the craziness I have been through in such a short time. Am sure there will be more to come!


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